The 2017 Taylored Happiness Tour, Tampa Florida


“Have you saved your spot for the Tampa Gathering as a part of my 2017 Happiness Tour?! I would LOVE to meet you and your friends!.

We will be meeting in a quiet setting and during the 2 hours, I’ll be sharing my top tools that you can execute in YOUR life to begin practicing and gaining more self-love, mindfulness and how to truly live a life full of happiness. In other words, if you’re ready to take life by its golden, glittery reigns, wash away any self-doubt and begin to truly live a life you are excited to wake up for, then being a part of the Happiness Tour is where you need to be!

If you’re feeling a little lost or stuck, or simply ready to make 2017 YOUR best year yet, I am here to help you build a foundation to making that happen!

Join me and other women in Tampa for a beautiful afternoon, guaranteed to leave you feeling more grateful and alive than ever!



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