Monthly Macro Program

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Do you keep hearing about If-It-Fits-Your-Macros “IIFYM” and not sure where the to start with it?

You’ve tried dabbling around with your own numbers but it’s super overwhelming and you’re constantly second guessing yourself?

Or maybe you just need to get your “diet” on track so you can start seeing those results from all the hard work you put in at the gym!

Then THIS program is for YOU.

  • Starting on Day 1, you’ll receive your custom Macros that are based on your goals, your current workout routine and body composition.
  • I’ll provide you tools, tips and ways to make sure you hit those macros, embrace this lifestyle, and learn how to have a GREAT relationship with food!
  • Wanting to eat out at dinner? I teach you HOW to do that, how to live a balanced life and incorporate your food into it, not around it.
  • You receive your own check-in day each week to check on your progress, share your thoughts and adjust your macros accordingly and when necessary to keep you getting closer to your desired goals.

With Macro counting, you can “have your cake and eat it too” literally! With the custom macros I figure out for you, I teach you how to fit those beloved Reece’s Cups into your daily diet, and learn to LOVE food again and not be scared of it.

My goal with each client is to teach them and provide tools for how to live a BALANCED life and not let food rule their thoughts constantly, or restrict them of the foods they love which then leads to an unhealthy relationship with foods and binge eating.   I teach you how to create balance, be in social situations and not be nervous of what to eat, and just live the life you want to live NOT revolving around food!

Let’s get YOUR balance with food back and NOT feel like you’re on a diet anymore! No more restricting yourself from that scoop of ice cream, because we CAN fit it in now!

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