Monthly at-home Program


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  • 4 weeks of fat-burning, lean muscle building workouts.
  • This is the perfect plan for people leading busy lives who simply may not have the TIME to get to the gym or simply don’t like going to the gym!
  • Your workouts are created around the equipment YOU have at HOME. So NO EXCUSES!
  • Every day and muscle-group day is a whole new workout, so no “same shoulder day as last week” repeats! Keep it fun, fresh and your body going at its full potential!
  • Access to your program through my free Training app, so you no fumbling around with a stack of papers. You pull up your app, and right there is YOUR workout I have planned for you on THAT specific day!!
  • All exercises/workouts provide video clips of ME doing the exact exercise so you don’t need to second guess yourself, your form or what the exercise is. Because you can SEE me doing it! Reps, sets, notes are all there. It’s like I’m there WITH you pushing you through!
  • Through your personal account on the training app, you have access to customized graphs so you can track your progress along with having a place to store all of your progress photos in one place, with the date attached! So no more scrolling through your phone trying to remember which “day 1” photo is.
  • Access to me through the messaging feature, so I can guide you through any questions you have or just to simply say HELLO!

So if you work from home, are a busy mom with no time to get to the gym, or even just travel a lot for work or life – THIS is the program for YOU! You have your phone, you have a workout! Anywhere!
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