8 Week Mind and Body Challenge


if YOU are ready to commit to not only shedding fat and putting on lean muscle, creating a better relationship with food AND
creating so much self-love and confidence from within then the
8 Week Mind & Body Challenge
is what you need to sign up for!I am looking for a group of women to join me in digging deep, facing your fears and conquering your life!!
each week I’ll be providing in depth Mindfulness Tasks that with consistency I can guarantee will change your life!This challenge is UNLIKE any others you’ve ever done, and I will guarantee that the Mindfulness Tasks will set you on a path towards a more fulfilling and happier life,
starting with how to set YOURSELF up for success!  Every single week you’ll be getting a Task, (homework!) that you’ll do to begin building a foundation to a fearless life and seeing YOUR TRUE POTENTIAL! The two part workout program is just as rewarding:
Part 1 is a fat-burning phase where Part 2 is geared towards putting on that lean muscle and showing your sculpted body!!  You’ll have your own private account on my Training App (apple and android friendly!) with an area for progress photos, measurements,  and access to every single video clip showing you every workout I have planned for you for each day on your own calendar!

spots are LIMITED as I work closely with each client on an individual level.  So make sure to save your spot quickly! 




Do you already have a great workout routine and your own nutrition program that works for you but want the Mindfulness part of the CHALLENGE?  then i gotchu girl!   due to multiple requests, i’ve made it an option to do a 8 Week Mindfulness Challenge option!  You will begin with the people doing the full workout & nutrition challenge along with the people doing the Mindfulness Challenge!  We work closely each week to go over your Mindfulness Task and dig deep into how it went, how it’s impacting you and how I can help you gain more self love, confidence and knock down any limiting beliefs!!    The spaces are LIMITED for the Mindfulness Task ONLY option, so save your spot!  and get ready to start living a HAPPIER life!



Choosing a winner for the 8 Week Challenge was truly difficult!  The dedication so many of the women put in were amazing and their results showed! Mentally and Physically!

Justine’s physical changes are amazing!  like a SHRINKING WAIST, IMPROVED POSTURE, GLUTE GAINS, hello SHOULDER CAPS and IMPROVED POSTURE!   She clearly put in the effort into her workouts and the best thing.. she lived a balanced life with her nutrition!   Hitting her macros 5-6x a week and allowing for ‘freedom’ on the weekends!    As an employee for a Home Health Care business, her job is extremely mentally taxing – but she was able to keep her goals as a priority during the Challenge and not allow a ‘long day’ to drag her down!    

Her Mindfulness transformation was just as amazing!   Here is a piece from one of her weekly Check-Ins  “I am genuinely loving everything you are giving me woman! These tasks are phenomenal. I started to tell my friends about some of them actually haha. But I have been an emotional wreck this week, because I have been way stressed at work. I hire and staff nurses for home health care and it is an extremely mentally taxing job. I try to be positive, because everyone else talks about quitting DAILY or getting fired and I’m over here trying to be a bundle of joy since there seems to be no other light in there. But I am slowly learning that I am awesome and I deserve joy and should allow myself to feel pretty and awesome.”

Every week at her check-in we talked about how her week went on a personal level, her ‘a-ha!’ moments, growth and so much more!  She showed 100% interest in her self-love improvements and came out even stronger after the 8 weeks!!   


to the other women in the Challenge, each of you blew me away with your Mindfulness and Physical changes.  You had me in TEARS of JOY with so many of the mental shifts and outlook changes you made, seeing that bad habits, ways of thinking, etc. were dragging you down, and with the tasks I provided you made those realizations – setting your brain and happiness muscle on a whole new track! For that, I am BEYOND grateful to have been a part of each of your journeys!!!


I cannot tell you how thankful I am for this past 8 weeks challenge! I know I changed leaps and bounds on the mental side! the physical side, saw many improvements, but I am still wanting to improve it! I loved the introduction to counting macros, and I look forward to applying it to my continued training process. I have learned so much not only about my body and my mind, but also about the limitations I thought were in front of me, and being able to break through them and challenge myself in all new ways!  I have grown in my mental “stable-ness”, and happiness so much in the last 8 weeks. You have taught me how to handle different events in my life and think about how they affect me, and then let it go! And that I have the power to make every single minute of every day absolutely amazing!



Had a great moment with workouts this week! On Friday, I spent much of the day debating whether I should go to the gym, or just go home and rest. But I, either instinctively or semi-absentmindedly, made myself pre-workout  (slap nutrition pina colada, deliciousness in a cup!) And didn’t want it to go to waste, so to the gym I went! And even though my belly wasn’t feeling that great, I did my workout, and you know what, when j left there, I felt so amazing,  with a smile on my face, and turned the radio up and sang as loud as I wanted, didn’t care what anyone else saw or thought!

One of the biggest things I have noticed with this weeks task , has been how much my sleep quality has improved! Sitting and going over the accomplishments from the day, and the things worth celebrating really helped my mind to be at ease, and less restless! I have found myself able to fall asleep quicker, and also to sleep more soundly throughout the night, which for me is HUMONGOUS. I suffer from horrid chronic insomnia, and usually wake up 15-30 times throughout the night…does not make for a beneficial mindset, or energy level! But with this weeks and the duration of this challenge,  I have noticed I’ve been waking up once (when the furry butthead demands extra heavy petting in the middle of the night…)  or not at all!!! And I believe that I can directly contribute that to the fact that my mind is not as busy stressing out, and worrying about every little thing out of my control! My mind is quiet and calm at the end of the day!

I have been enjoying playing around a little bit more with my macros lately, and adding more of my favorite foods in my daily numbers, and I am able to go out and enjoy meals out with friends and family and be comfortable and not stressing about meeting my numbers!

I can’t even begin to thank you for all the lessons i have learned these last 6 weeks, and I look forward on applying these after the challenge ends,  and normal life takes over again!
The changes to myself are definitely worth keeping and using every single day in the future!


The first couple of days of adding this to my nightly routine, truthfully, felt like sooo much writing and thinking throughout the day lol. I think part of that feeling was that I would sit trying to think of something I had accomplished ‘worth’ celebrating. I would think, “I got up at 4:30am to get my workout in… so what? Isn’t that just part of this lifestyle? I’m not the only one doing it.” And so on… with every daily achievement that came to mind, I would have a counterthought giving me reason not to be proud of myself. “It’s not special”, “I’m sure others are achieving above and beyond what I have with this challenge”, “I’ll celebrate that specific achievement when I’m doing it faster, or earlier, or better”… so I would end up writing a few things down just so I could say ‘I did it’ and go to bed thinking, “I’ll do something worth writing down tomorrow”. It wasn’t until the third day that I realized, I don’t fucking celebrate me. Ever! I have always compared myself to something someone else is doing. It doesn’t even have to be things that are relatable to one another. I could think, “I worked on 5 clients today… I’m fucking exhausted, but I made real progress with one of the tougher clients and I’m so happy about that!”  But my next thought might be, “but my husband put in 16 hours in full gear in the desert and  hiked 9 miles in 110 degree heat! Nothing I did today can compare to that.” The moment I realized what I’ve been doing, I cried… I also got angry because I was raised by women who taught me to be this way… they were raised that way! After that I realized the breakthrough I had just had… 

Then, do you know what I did? 




I’m still amazed at how much these tasks have helped me to grow and find self-respect/self-worth in what feels like such a small amount of time.  It’s truly changing the course of my life (for the absolute better) and how I am handling things that I have been letting happen/allowing to continue in my life.  I’m celebrating my efforts to speak up or stand up for myself, and am not feeling guilty about it or anxious about the outcome.  I’ve been such a people pleaser my entire life, which I’m okay with to an extent, but as I get older I’m realizing that I need to find a balance between keeping everyone happy, and checking in to make sure I’m happy too.  These tasks are teaching me exactly that and allowing me to learn to give myself the confidence to ensure I follow through with it.  Again, thank you, thank you, thank you!!

I’m already starting to get anxious about what to do when this challenge is over and I don’t have to check in with you each week or try new tasks.


I love these tasks!  Seriously- they have changed how I look at and think about almost every aspect of my life.  After dinner with friends on Saturday night I had some much needed ‘best friend talk’ time with my girlfriend about life and all the things we want to change and make happen and I found myself saying ‘I am so grateful for..’, ‘I am…’, ‘I intend to..’, and also realizing what I want (and what I want to stop), having a lot more respect for myself and a drive to stand up for myself more because of a new-found self-worth I have (especially when it comes to relationships..).  I 100% attribute that to the work I’m doing in these mindfulness tasks and how it’s changing how I think about myself and what I am capable of, and what I deserve in my life.




“Girl, this challenge and your positivity and encouragement were a god send for me! I went into this challenging wanting to really change my perspective on my approach to life and to fitness, and I can definitely say you helped me SO MUCH to accomplish this. I feel so much more at peace with how I spend my days because I do so with intention and a grateful heart. I work out because I love my body, not because I hate it. And I wake up every day with a purpose to pursue what makes me happy, and that is such a huge realization and change  to how I was spending my time before this challenge. I can’t thank you enough for your encouragement each week, your amazing and insightful mindfulness tasks, and for your overflowing support of women to find their best selves. You are truly a one-in- a-million person, and anyone that has you as a coach is sure to feel the same. I love you girl!!”

“That this challenge will truly change your outlook on both your body and life if you genuinely put in the work. You can’t say you want to love yourself or change and not be willing to take the time to do the things that will help. You get out of this challenge what you put in and I got a lot out of it and I’m very thankful for it Life happens, things don’t always go our way, but the things that Taylor tries to guide you with in this challenge can truly be beneficial to making your outlook so much better in various situations and how you handle things.

“I have never ever had a coach like Taylor! She has hands down a one of kind, beautiful soul! The gratitude tasks seem so small, but if you really apply yourself to getting them done each and every day, you suddenly start transforming in to your own cheerleading squad. The confidence and drive to reach new goals and MAKE goals is something you’ll have and be able to utilize after this challenge!”

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